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Theories of knowledge translation will get you only so far

It's important to get a big-picture view of the strategies and steps it takes to turn innovative ideas into practical outcomes. But frameworks alone won't enable you to connect with your target audience and move them to act.

Nor is conventional outsourcing the solution. YOU know your research to a depth no one else can come close to matching. Unless YOU develop the skills to articulate your key messages to non-experts, you run the risk of watching your research findings get oversimplified or distorted. 

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Now here's the good news...

You're already a strong communicator. You've invested years in learning how to teach, deliver conference presentations, and publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Your skills in academic communication just need a little fine-tuning so that you can adapt to the expectations of the world outside the academy. 

We offer a range of training options so you or your team can get the personalized help you need to achieve your knowledge translation goals: coaching for individuals and small teams, webinars, workshops, and group programs.



As you work on a communication product (e.g., document, infographic, video script, presentation deck), you get detailed feedback, via Zoom and/or email.

Coaching isn't editing—you stay in charge of your document and make changes to it. This is the fastest way to build up skills while moving ahead with your knowledge translation agenda.

Pricing for individuals and small groups (up to 3 people):

  • Single session @ $300/hour
  • Package of 4 sessions @ $1,000

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Clarity Connect
Harrison Smith - DearLife

“Dawn took time to individually look at our pitch deck and our one-pager and offer substantial and insightful comments.... It was 10X more than we had bargained for. Dawn brings this wealth of knowledge and experience that is unparalleled. Usually, the feedback we get is a mile wide and an inch thick. With Dawn, it's a mile wide and a mile deep.”



Interactive learning opportunities that invite audience participation throughout.

You'll receive a link to a recording of the webinar plus a handout summarizing key take-aways.

Customizable to your industry and organization.

Pricing starts at $1,000 for a one-hour session


Examples of webinar topics:

  • Three Pillars of KT Communication
  • Communicate for Impact, Not Just for Clarity
  • Turning R&D into a Compelling Business Case
  • How to Market Your Research Without Becoming a Scientific Sellout
  • Communicating in the Canadian Work Environment
      • Networking for Success
      • How to Turn Research-Speak into Industry-Speak
      • How to Write Emails that Grab the Attention of Industry Readers
      • Storytelling Through Data
      • Cut Through the Clutter: How to Streamline Your Communication Style
Clarity Connect
Lynne Ouellet - PhD candidate and research coordinator

“I can't say enough about how far above and beyond the program went. I have taken some knowledge translation courses, but what I really liked was how Dawn had everything organized in terms of different formats--tips and tricks for blogs, infographics, presentations, you name it. The part I really liked was the personalized feedback. Dawn was very approachable and got to know what all our projects were, and she has a ton of experience, so she can relate to different things. If someone is looking for a program to make your research live, I would absolutely recommend this.”

PhD candidate and research coordinator


All our ready-made workshops are customizable to your organization, or we can build training from scratch. Most workshops can be offered virtually or in person.

Each half-day or full day of interactive training includes:

  • Realistic examples of communication scenarios and products, tailored to your situation
  • Hands-on activities so participants practice applying what they've learned
  • Participant toolkit, provided in hard copy for in-person training and as PDF for virtual training

Pricing examples:

  • Half-day session @ $3,500-$5,000
  • Full-day session @ $8,000-$10,000
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Examples of ready-made workshops:

Networking for Success

Build the skills confidence to break the first barrier of connecting with stakeholders outside the academy: starting and sustaining networking conversations.

Connecting with Industry

Learn simple strategies for connecting with industry partners and adopt basic practices of research translation

Report-Writing Bootcamp

Master the art of writing effective technical reports for industry partners or clients. Ideal for consulting engineers whose work involves research and/or data analytics.


Our online programs provide a safe learning community where participants can feel free to try new skills. We keep the amount of content light so there's plenty of time for practice and feedback.

Each four- to six-week program includes:

  • Live kick-off session (in person, virtual, or hybrid)
  • Bite-sized videos and articles that make it simple to learn key communication concepts 
  • Tools for applying concepts to real knowledge translation challenges
  • Opportunities to practice skills in authentic communication situations
  • Group coaching and drop-in coaching for private help
  • Personalized feedback

Pricing: $500-$750 per participant

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Examples of group programs:

Communicating with Government & Industry

A four-week blended program through which researchers complete a knowledge translation project and get personalized feedback on it


Communication for Health Research & Innovation

A healthcare-focused version of Communicating with Government & Industry

Clarity Connect
Joe Hood - Geospectrum Technologies Inc.

“I contracted Dawn to help my team of scientists and engineers improve their report and paper writing skills as part of a short, focused training effort. The training exceeded my expectations by focusing on higher-level writing challenges. The result was a fully engaged team and a useful guide/checklist that we used moving forward. It's been more than 5 years since the training and I still find myself using tips from the course to evaluate and improve my writing. Great value!”

Geospectrum Technologies Inc.