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Let's Unclog the Research Pipeline

You're passionate about your team's research because you know it can transform lives. But somehow the potential of your findings isn't clear to the people who can move it from peer review into practice. 

You're looking for a fresh approach so you can get past polite nods to concrete action, like sign-off on your funding application, a partnership with an industry collaborator, or a social media campaign that shifts public opinion. 

Dr. Dawn Henwood, Founder of Clarity Connect

Get Stakeholders Excited About Your Research

To truly make an impact, you must connect with people at a deep level, at the place where emotions and values drive their decision-making.

This requires more than just creating a stakeholder map or doing a Plain Language edit.

We provide personalized, wraparound support to help you generate enthusiasm for your innovative work, build high-trust relationships, and get the buy-in you need to take your discoveries to the next stage.

Team Coaching

Combine informal training sessions for your whole team with individual coaching and feedback on work-in-progress. You'll build team capacity for research translation while producing high-quality communications.

Perfect for teams of 3 to 10 people who want to improve their collaborative processes, build on individual strengths, and create a strong culture of knowledge-sharing.

Group Training

Gather your whole team for hands-on training, online or onsite, tailored to your particular challenges and opportunities. You'll establish a culture of effective research translation and equip your team with helpful tools to support their daily work.

Perfect for groups of 10 to 25 who value the chance to level-set skills and develop common practices aligned with the organizational values and culture.

Content Creation

Our collaborative approach enables you to express your ideas through language and visuals that ring true to you and respect the accuracy of your findings. We'll help you brainstorm fresh approaches, structure your ideas so they're easy for non-experts to navigate, and create a style that resonates with your target audience.

Perfect for clients who already have a communication strategy in place but need a creative partner to help execute it.

We collaborate with:

  • Academic Researchers
  • Clinical Researchers
  • Researcher-Founders
  • Industry Researchers

Knowledge Translation Is Complex, But It Doesn't Need to Be Complicated

Researchers have created a lot of different terms to explain the process of repackaging academic knowledge into forms laypeople can understand. At Clarity Connect, we use the term knowledge translation, or KT, to describe what it takes to transform research findings into clear, relevant insights that lay audiences can relate to and act upon.



Unsure about how to get started? We bring knowledge translation down to the human level so you can connect with your target audience in ways that engage, educate, and inspire them.

Our outcomes-focused approach demystifies research communication with lay audiences. It also works across disciplines and sectors.

 Make Your Findings Resonate So You Can Drive Change


If you've taken some introductory training in knowledge translation (KT) or research dissemination then you've probably discovered the "KT execution gap."

Knowing the theory of how to move research from the academy into practice is one thing. Making KT happen is another.

We'll help you move from high-level concepts to practical methods so you can foster postive relationships, connect with your audience at a deep level, and drive change.

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I'm Dr. Dawn Henwood, Founder of Clarity Connect

I started Clarity Connect to help research teams in academia, industry, and not-for-profits share their life-changing discoveries and drive change. 

My background includes a PhD in English literature from the University of Toronto and 20+ years of experience working in business, academic, and government contexts. I've also written two books on business communication: A Writing Guide for IT Professionals (Oxford UP) and Business Writing for Innovators and Change-Makers (Business Experts Press).

Because I've come to knowledge translation (KT) through the humanities, I understand it as a relational activity. At the end of the day, you're never communicating with a label on a framework. You're communicating with human beings who are wondering whether they should trust us and work with us.

Clarity Connect supports researchers across a wide variety of disciplines. Whether you're working in health care, life sciences, IT, engineering, or another specialized field, we'll help you build skills and confidence so you can amplify your impact.

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Clarity Connect Inc.
Patricia Seaman - New Brunswick Health Research Foundation

“Clarity Connect offers practical, personalized training services. Dawn's approach makes it easy to translate research into bite-sized bits of information for different audiences. In the world of research, it can be challenging when we work every day in our area of expertise. With Dawn's help researchers are able to put their new skills into immediate action. We chose Clarity Connect to support the great research ecosystem here in New Brunswick and support our world-class researchers. ”

New Brunswick Health Research Foundation

Clarity Connect Inc.
Dr. Ethan Pancer - Sobey Professor of Marketing at Saint Mary's University

“As an academic, I have found knowledge translation to be an invaluable tool in disseminating my research to a wider audience. Leveraging her years of experience in knowledge translation, Dawn helped me communicate the significance and relevance of my work to individuals outside of my field, including policymakers, community leaders, and members of the general public. Working with Dawn has really enhanced my ability to impact the world through my research. Thanks again, Dawn!”

Sobey Professor of Marketing at Saint Mary's University

The Clarity Connect Approach Could Work For You If...

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  • You're on a mission to make meaningful change in the world.
  • You want to get people outside your research community excited about your discoveries so they will move your findings into action.
  • You harbor a healthy skepticism about outsourcing knowledge translation and don't want your complex ideas squished into soundbites.
  • You're willing to consider creative approaches to communication that might feel awkward at first.
  • You're looking for a strategic thought-partner, not a "scribe" or "wordsmith."
  • You have time and energy to invest in collaborating on knowledge translation.

What Are Your Knowledge Translation Goals?

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