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Tired of those glassy-eyed looks?

You're passionate about your research because you know it will help solve a pressing social or environmental problem. But when you try to explain your findings to laypeople, you get blank stares and furrowed brows.

You need a guide who can help you bridge the gap between your academic knowledge and collaborators who will move your research forward, out into the world of industry, government, or community. 

Extend the reach of your research

Clear, persuasive communication will enable you to CONNECT with those collaborators you need to move your research forward, out into the world, where it can change lives.

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 Funders & Investors


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Hi! I'm Dr. Dawn Henwood, your research translation coach

I have a PhD in English literature from the University of Toronto and 20+ years of industry experience.

I'll help you escape the frustration rut of explaining and re-explaining. Together, we'll engage, educate, and inspire the people who can help transform your research into social change.

I work with researchers across a wide variety of disciplines, including IT, engineering, and healthcare. Some clients hire me for training or coaching while others ask me to co-create content with them. And sometimes we do both coaching and co-creating to get the job done!

Make your findings RESONATE

You don't just want to inform laypeople. You want to rouse curiosity, build relationships, and drive action.

To do that, you'll need more than knowledge translation frameworks and Plain Language principles. 

Drawing on my background as a literary scholar and a learning designer, I'll help you foster the genuine human connection that moves humans to change their minds and their behavior.


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I'll be your gentle guide to the art of "business communication"—and you'll never have to worry about pressure to resort to marketing-speak or dumb down your ideas.

Let's get your ideas out of the lab or library and into the minds and hearts of people who can start implementing them!

Clarity Connect
Patricia Seaman - New Brunswick Health Research Foundation

“Clarity Connect offers practical, personalized training services. Dawn's approach makes it easy to translate research into bite-sized bits of information for different audiences. In the world of research, it can be challenging when we work every day in our area of expertise. With Dawn's help researchers are able to put their new skills into immediate action. We chose Clarity Studio to support the great research ecosystem here in New Brunswick and support our world-class researchers. ”

New Brunswick Health Research Foundation

Clarity Connect
Dr. Ethan Pancer - Sobey Professor of Marketing at Saint Mary's University

“As an academic, I have found knowledge translation to be an invaluable tool in disseminating my research to a wider audience. Leveraging her years of experience in knowledge translation, Dawn helped me communicate the significance and relevance of my work to individuals outside of my field, including policymakers, community leaders, and members of the general public. Working with Dawn has really enhanced my ability to impact the world through my research. Thanks again, Dawn!”

Sobey Professor of Marketing at Saint Mary's University


The Clarity Connect approach could work for you if...

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  • You want to get people outside the academy truly excited about your research. If you want to see results, it's not enough just to explain your research clearly. You must turn your audience into raving fans of your research. This takes more than removing jargon from your writing. It requires a radical shift in mindset so you're connecting with people at a deep, and deeply human, level.

  • You harbor a healthy skepticism about outsourcing knowledge translation. No one understands your research to the depth you do. And you don't want to risk having your big, complex ideas squished into soundbites. As the expert, you're always the best spokesperson for your research--you just need the skills and confidence to connect with people who don't share your expertise.
  • You're willing to try something new. To connect with humans, you'll need to get comfortable with leveraging the power of psychology and emotion—without getting all gushy or sounding "slick." And, of course, without compromising the integrity of your ideas.

  • You have a clear idea of the audience(s) you want to reach and the goals you want to achieve. You may even have invested some time in learning about knowledge translation or knowledge mobilization at a high level. Now, you're ready to get down to the practical work of communicating with specific people so you can start making your vision real. 


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