Collaborative Research Translation




Strategic advice + polished product

Working closely with you, we produce a wide range of strategic communication products, translating your research into language and visuals that make an impact on your target audience.

Our flat fee covers at least two revisions, ensuring that your research story gets told with both integrity and flair.

  • Blog articles 
  • Research reports
  • White papers
  • Strategic plans
      • Web copy
      • Brochures and flyers
      • Scripts for videos
      • Infographics (text + creative direction for visual designer)
Clarity Connect
Angela Pyne - New Brunswick Innovation Foundation

“We reached out to Dawn to get expert support in disseminating the details of the research projects we were funding and the impact of the researcher's work. The way we had been telling them was too broad, and we weren't getting to the meat and potatoes.

Dawn helped us get to the "why does this matter" and the "what is that we're trying to tell people?" of the stories by using an interview approach; she was also able to capture the voice of our team so that we created a consistent story and a consistent voice.

It's great having a connection with Dawn because she understands our business and what we're trying to achieve. I can pick up the phone and say, 'I want to write this story. Here's the information I have. How do I get this out on paper?' Dawn has become an extension of my team.”

New Brunswick Innovation Foundation