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How to Cut the Time You Spend on Your Research Blogging in Half (and Enjoy it More)

Blogging research

Blogging, when you commit to doing it steadily, can feel like a blessing or a burden. You can look forward to blog writing as a time to extend the reach of your research in creative ways. Or you can anticipate it with dread.

What if time spent blogging didn't have to feel like a chore? What if you could create more posts in less time and get more enjoyment from the process, knowing your efforts were amplifying the potential of your research to transform lives?

The blogosphere suggests that the…

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Is the False Premise of Multiple Priorities Sabotaging Your Research Communication?

Research communication

How do you visualize your writing time in your schedule? Do you see it as fixed or flexible, optional or mandatory? 

I have a tendency to see mine as if it were endlessly stretchable within a fixed 24-hour period. Seeing time like this is a challenge I’ve struggled with my entire life, and I have a shelf of time management books to prove it.

In my mind, time functions as some kind of innovative material, a substance so elastic that you can use it to create a container with infinite capacity. N…

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